Will Buyers Give a Hoot? Owlwood Has $65M Price Cut

After landing on the market last year for $180 million, the Owlwood estate in L.A.'s Holmby Hills neighborhood is back up for sale for only $115 million. https://ift.tt/2IYQdpT


Smart Home Makers Hoard Your Data, But Won’t Say If the Police Come For It

An anonymous reader quotes a report from TechCrunch: Thermostats know the temperature of your house, and smart cameras and sensors know when someone's walking around your home. Smart assistants know what you're asking for, and smart doorbells know who's coming and going. And thanks to the cloud, that data is available to you from anywhere …

Photographer captures majestic Yosemite engagement photo — he just can’t find the couple

Matthew Dippel took a beautiful photo in Yosemite earlier this month. The only problem is, he can't seem to identify the subjects therein. On October 6, Dippel and his friend set out to Taft Point, a popular lookout point in Yosemite National Park. The photographer, visiting from Michigan, planned to snap a photo of his …